Police provide safety tips for women

Posted by watchmen
July 24, 2017

cThe Bacolod City Police Office (BCPO) recently provided safety tips for women.
In regards to traveling around the city, police suggest women carry mace, a type of tear gas, with them if they are alone and need to defend themselves. Police also advise, when riding a jeepney, to be wary if all of the passengers are male; there is a chance they may be taken advantage of during the ride.
Additionally, women should not accept free rides from individuals they do not know. According to the BCPO, it is an often used method that leads to rape.
They also should not accept free candies or drinks as they may be laced with drugs.
Police also suggest female students try to attend classes during the day, as hold-ups are common at night. If in the event they cannot avoid night classes, they recommend women travel in groups.
Overall, police advise, when in danger, shout for help./WDJ

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