Bacolod City drivers contend there is ‘traffic chaos’

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July 15, 2017
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Bacolod City drivers still claim there is “traffic chaos” along the city’s roads. Private motorists maintain public jeepneys stop wherever they wish, while taxi drivers complain about the scenario on the roads; however, according to what former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) chairman and close friend Bayani Fernando told me, Bacolod City’s roads are a “perfect grid” – and I agree.
Taking a look at Epifanio Delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), the 14-kilometer highway and one of the busiest on Earth, there is no way of widening it. Plus, with thousands of private vehicles being sold every year, it will continue to be crowded for decades.
The number coding scheme has been a help, but not when thousands of new vehicles are registered annually.
EDSA is the route to shopping malls, business districts, offices, and schools, how would the MMDA be able to prevent private vehicles and public buses from using the highway?
The only remedy would be constructing EDSA 2 – a second level to the existing roadway for light and medium cars and motorcycles.
The MMDA is in a bad situation, in that, everything it does is criticized – unless the MMDA recommended to the president my idea, then forget any other suggestion.
Cebu City is currently facing a traffic crisis, with the route from Mandaue City suffering from slow-moving traffic, which must be resolved by the local government.
A bus system is a way of lightening the burden on Cebu City’s narrow roads.
However, within Cebu City, there are seldom traffic enforcers along the road. City motorists have learned to obey traffic laws. Even with the number of vehicles on the road, one can observe the discipline of drivers, which has been a great help to the flow of traffic.
In Iloilo City, jeepney driver reprimand passengers who insist on boarding from areas where loading and unloading is not allowed. Drivers also do not stop for passengers waiting in prohibited areas of the city.
Bacolod City can afford to pick up a few tips from these places.
Additionally, trisikads and tricycles may face occasional apprehensions in the city, however, once they pay the fine, they are right back on the roads, violating traffic laws. Where is the order?
Land development and road planning must be exercises and who can do this? Only the local government.
Remember the words of my friend Bayani Fernando, “Huwag kayong matakot na ipatupad ang batas; hindi kayo mawawalan ng boto; lalong madagdagan ang inyong mga boto.”
He was correct. This can be proven by the governance of former Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte; Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña; Puerto Princesa City Mayor Fred Hagedorn; Dick Gordon of Subic Bay; and the Fernandos, Bayani and his wife Marides, of Marikina City.
This column greets Nathaniel Pugales, Lito Aves, Hernan Fermin, Bong Piodos, Danny Dangcalan, Billy Lopue, Paolo Araneta, Willy Uy Au, Nena de Leon, Toto Tarrosa, Jane Javellana, and Gerard Camina./WDJ

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