Change of heart; Lacson welcomes DA-6 approval on cloud seeding in NegOcc

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May 25, 2024
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Negros Occidental Governor Eugenio Jose Lacson has welcomed the approval from the Department of Agriculture in Western Visayas (DA-6) to conduct cloud seeding operations in the province.

Lacson, in an interview yesterday, said the DA-6’s change of heart to conduct cloud seeding to mitigate the effects of the El Niño phenomenon on agriculture is a welcome development.

“Two months ago, we were told that there were no seedable clouds. But now they’re saying that indeed, there are seedable clouds, and we can make use of them,” Lacson said.

Since March, the provincial government has been trying to convince the DA-6 to allow cloud seeding operations in Negros Occidental.

Lacson said cloud seeding will not only enhance the amount of rainfall, but also help the sugar industry recover some of its losses.

“It will further enhance the rain because, while there are seedable clouds, it is not very constant yet,” Lacson said.

“Since the clouds are there, let’s just make use of it,” he added.

The governor said there has been an improvement in technology used to identify seedable clouds.

“The difference between identifying seedable clouds before is the use of eyes lang, but now science is here, so mas accurately done. So that’s the reason why they will proceed,” he said.

Lacson said he would call DA-6 on Monday, May 27, to confirm if the funds for cloud seeding have been downloaded.

“If the money has already been downloaded, maka-start [na kita] operation,” he said.

Around P6 million in funds will be needed for cloud seeding, the DA-6 said earlier.

Lacson has also instructed his team to coordinate with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines, as the operation will be launched at the airport.

Earlier, the DA-6 said there is a possibility to conduct cloud seeding operations in Negros Occidental next week to mitigate the effects of the El Niño phenomenon on agriculture.

DA-6 Executive Director Engineer Jose Albert Barrogo said they observed the presence of seedable clouds in some parts of the province.

“Kun lantawon naton, tuod nga may presence na sang ulan,” Barrogo said.

“Pero kung basehan naton ang forecast sang Pagasa sa subong nga bulan, below normal man sa gihapon ang ulan. Indi pa siya mag-normalize,” he added.

Barrogo assured that they are working on the budget to be allocated for cloud seeding operations.

The Office of the Provincial Agriculturist reported that agricultural damage due to drought in Negros Occidental reached P318 million./JB, WDJ


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