Dumaguete warns boarding houses used for ‘indecent acts’

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May 7, 2024
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The Dumaguete City government on Monday, May 6, warned owners and operators of boarding and lodging houses of facing possible cases and closures should they fail to immediately secure business permits.

Phoebe Tan, chair of the city’s Anti-Indecency Board (AIB), said more than 20 boarding houses were inspected last week and most of them had either incomplete or no permits to operate from the city.

She said the board conducted the inspection following reports that some of the boarding houses are used for illegal and indecent activities.

“It has become a concern for us because these boarding houses, usually catering to students, are potential or even actual places where indecent acts are being perpetrated as reported to us by the police,” she said.

Other concerns include the safety of occupants, considering that these houses do not pass through fire safety and structural and engineering inspection, Tan said.

She said some of the boarding houses are just made of light materials and divided into tiny rooms for rent, while others are former residential houses converted into lodging accommodation and many do not have fire exits.

The AIB also urged barangay captains to monitor the boarding houses as they know which ones are actually renting out rooms or space.

On May 17, the AIB will meet the Liga ng Mga Barangay officials and be asked to present results of their inspection of boarding houses in their villages. (PNA)

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