Quiboloy’s money

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April 1, 2024

By Ade S. Fajardo

Controversial Pastor Apollo Quiboloy faces the following tribulations:

A warrant of arrest recently unsealed by a California court, a contempt citation from the Senate that might lead to another warrant, an indictment for rape and human trafficking from the Department of Justice, and quite possibly another warrant for contempt from the House of Representatives that is investigating the franchise of his broadcast network.



Over the weekend, citizens were bewildered by news that former President Rodrigo Duterte will be the new “administrator” of the properties of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ (KOJC), the church led by Quiboloy.

Why is the 78-year-old former president, a non-KOJC member, being entrusted the reins of the embattled church?

Quiboloy’s lawyer says that Duterte “brings gravitas and an extremely high level of prestige to the duties inherent in an administrator.” He will preserve “the properties of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ as a juridical entity existing under Philippine laws.”



This would be an interesting inventory. What comprises Quiboloy’s personal estate and which assets in KOJC’s humongous holdings belong to the corporate entity?

This might explain why Quiboloy would rather skip hearings being held in the House and the Senate.

Corporate layering would be uncovered, leading to a pandora’s box of discoveries that can be uncomfortable not only to him but quite possibly to people with beneficial ownership over hidden shares.

From his standpoint, it is better to leave all these things within the realm of speculation than make them real through admissions or incredible denials.



Former Senator Leila de Lima did not mince words when she reacted to news that Duterte is the new administrator of KOJC’s properties.

She wondered, “Ano ‘yan? Para ayusin, pagtakpan at ma-dispose na ‘yung mga kayamanan at ari-arian niya na malamang ipinatago niya sa KOJC at kay Quiboloy?”

Indeed, is there more than meets the eye in Duterte, who is not related to Quiboloy by blood or affinity, and does not belong to his cult, precipitously becoming administrator of an estate that was established through the blood, sweat and tears of thousands of KOJC members?



Senator Risa Hontiveros has mentioned the attendance of the Anti-Money Laundering Council at the next hearing of the Senate regarding allegations of abuse and human trafficking against Quiboloy.

The AMLC will be consulted on the statement of witnesses that Quiboloy used bank mules, or followers’ bank accounts, to funnel to the Philippine cash remittances raised abroad through begging and street solicitations.

This has apparently become necessary for Quiboloy because bulk transactions need to be reported as an implement of AMLA regulations.



Is the appointment of a property administrator in anticipation of Quiboloy becoming a fugitive from justice?

As mentioned, the Department of Justice is set to file qualified human trafficking charges against him, a case that allows the court to deny bail for his temporary liberty.

Quiboloy will have a hard time managing his finances should he choose to evade the warrant of arrest that will likely be issued by a court of law in this case.

Will Duterte be able to move the cash he wants to move?/WDJ

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