Ceneco orders probe vs. section head for ‘irregularities’ 

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August 25, 2023
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By Mae Singuay

The Central Negros Electric Cooperative (Ceneco) has ordered an investigation against the head of its Disconnection Section for alleged irregularities.

Ceneco acting general manager Arnel Lapore said the allegation includes the failure to implement disconnections despite nonpayment of electric bills for six months by the former legal counsel of Ceneco Union of Rationale Employees.

In a memorandum signed by Lapore dated August 4, to Consumers Account Department (CAD) manager Engineer Norman Pollentes, and Account Services Division chief Engineer Joecel Camapantero, stated that it has reached the attention of the management “that Mrs. Stefannie Montaner, Disconnection Section head, registered the highest overtime pay for the past six months, starting January 2023 to June 2023, in the amount of P206,540.”

“It is likewise noted, that CAD personnel, particularly the disconnectors, incurred a considerable amount of overtime. Notwithstanding the cost of overtime, our collection efficiency for June reached only 87 percent, while in July 2023, 89 percent,” Lapore said.

“We cannot, therefore, appreciate the value of the overtime rendered by the personnel in your department,” he said.

Lapore also noted that there are Ceneco employees who were spared from being disconnected despite having incurred three months of past due.

“Strangely, the account of Atty. Rey Gorgonio, covering a six-month period, which has been due for the past six months, was likewise spared from being disconnected. It was learned the account was settled after you had called the attention of Mrs. Montaner of such circumstances,” he said.

Felix Gepielga, whose account had been ordered ‘hold’ as ordered by Mrs. Montaner,” the acting general manager added.

In his memo, Lapore also directed the concerned department heads “to immediately review the activities and program of work of the office of Montaner vis-a-vis its projective output and initiate measures to stop the foregoing malpractice employed by said office.”

He also ordered an immediate investigation against Montaner into how the foregoing practice had been going on.

He gave the involved department heads three days to submit reports of their findings.

Watchmen Daily Journal is willing to accommodate any comment from Montaner and others involved.

On his part, Gorgonio replied to this paper that he was in a court hearing as of press time.

“[I will] call you back after hearing,” Gorgonio said./MS, WDJ

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