30 Sagay gov’t workers receive subsidy for CSC review

Posted by watchmen
July 27, 2021

Thirty Sagay City government employees received a subsidy review for the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Computerized Exam for Professional and Sub Professional levels scheduled in September.

The subsidy covers 84-hour review sessions with a competent reviewer, payment for the CSC examination fee including the travelling expenses during the examination day.

A pre-test was initially conducted to show their baseline knowledge level and to help them focus their subsequent learning for weaker areas.

The program was spearheaded by the Human Resource Management Office (HRMO).

Sagay City Mayor Alfredo D. Maranon, III said, “we are giving better opportunity and necessary support to non-eligible employees who worked equally hard for many years.”

He stressed that “eligible employees means better public service.”

HRMO head Rena A. Dy said, “this is the first of the continuing program on personnel development and our way of encouraging employees to further their growth as public servants.”

“This is a pilot project and if it will yield good results, this will be an annual activity geared towards career advancement,” she added.

Learnings are through Zoom and face-to-face meetings but will strictly adhering to health protocols./WDJ

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