Panay News, Inc. takes over Watchmen Daily Journal

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September 14, 2020
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By Darlene Delgado and Dominique Gabriel G. Bañaga

Making another milestone in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic where the economy has come to a standstill is definitely a historic feat. Just when everyone else is facing the future with uncertainty and living under the new normal brought about by the unseen enemy, Watchmen Daily Journal is braving the current trend by celebrating its 9th anniversary in the field of print media.


Another reason for this significant fete is that Watchmen Daily Journal is now under the wings of its new owner.

Yes, the paper is now officially owned and managed by Panay News, Inc. (PNI). Amidst print media facing challenges and many businesses halting operations during this time of pandemic, PNI has bravely taken a big leap of extending its dominance in Western Visayas’ newspapering world.

“We live in an era where people rely on information from an amalgam of native and social media sources. The trend seems to favor the latter, recently giving rise to the spread of false information and incendiary speech in the digital world – irreversibly affecting how business or politics is conducted,” said PNI Chairman of the Board, Atty. Ade Fajardo.

“Panay News, Inc. decides to take the reins of the Watchmen Daily Journal in this context. Old schoolers in the print media industry are besieged with predictions so dire that many of our colleagues have decided to throw in the towel, convinced that ink on paper is a lost cause in the age of the internet,” Fajardo added.

Still believing in the power of the mainstream media amidst the evolution and the undeniable rise of digital media, PNI’s taking over of the management of this Bacolod City-based newspaper is indeed one strong proof that print is here to stay.

“The ongoing pandemic has made things worse. A spiraling economy affects all sectors, including the print and broadcast media who rely on fiscally healthy advertisers to help finance their mission to inform and educate,” Fajardo further said. “But we trudge on, hopeful that tomorrow will bring glad tidings. Now more than ever, a struggling democracy needs important non-State actors like those in the media to report facts and shine a light on events that affect the public interest.”

With the new ownership, expect a much leveled-up Watchmen Daily Journal continuing to be of service to Bacolodnons and Negrenses all over the world. Part of its leveling up is to give more focus on its digital platform for a much wider reach through social media.

“We are willing to grow and adjust to favorable trends like fusing our content with platforms that provide mobile compatibility, and carry links to video and image-based content in order to reach the biggest audience in the Negros Island Region at a time when staying home is the most responsible course of action. Despite adversity, we shall strive to bring you a bigger and revitalized Watchmen,” assured Fajardo.

Watchmen Daily Journal’s “fair without fear” reporting has indeed come a long way and it will soar high even more.

Meanwhile, David Fajardo, former publisher and general manager of Watchmen Daily Journal, said he is at peace that Watchmen is now under Panay News, Inc.’s wings.

He said his focus in life has shifted, pointing out he wanted to find true happiness and real meaning in life.

“I didn’t think I would find it in a lucrative career or in a popular business endeavor such as in newspapering,” David said.

He said he focused on his spirituality and made changes in his priorities and lifestyle, and now he is helping people better the quality of their lives by following Bible principles.

“I think I have now found my true purpose. And I’m at my happiest doing things that really matter in one’s life – and that is to be at peace with the Creator and Sovereign of the Universe, Jehovah God, and helping people find purpose and meaning in life. I now volunteer full-time to do just that,” he added./WDJ

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