China’s dental market

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February 17, 2020
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People in China know their oral health.

And that means a dental market worth $16.65 billion by the end of 2025, says

Chinese citizens know about oral health and healthy behaviors.

According to the 4th National Oral Health Epidemiological Survey, six out of 10 of mainland China’s citizens are aware of oral health; one in four children five years old and above clean their teeth twice a day. So does one in three children 12 years old and above. Four in 10 children visit dentists for check-ups.

Indeed, nearly four out of 10 adults clean their teeth twice a day.

As living standards rise, disposable incomes also rise, including money to pay for oral health care and dental services.

In what calls a “burgeoning dental market” in China, 135 dentists are available for every one million Chinese citizens in 2017. By 2018 the ratio rose 12 percent and reached 150 dentists.

Still, says, there is a massive gap in comparison to developed countries, showing immense potentials of the Chinese market worth $16.6 billion by December 2025.

According to its “China Dental Market by Segments, Equipment, Region (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, others), Equipment Company” report, stand-alone dental clinics had 20 percent patient volume in 2015 while specialized dental clinics had 30 percent patient volume.

The report sees high potential for expansion in chain hospitals. It says more patients are coming forward for oral treatment.

So much so that the profitable dental care market has attracted dental care institutions such as Arrail Dental Group, Jiamei Dental Group, Bybo Dental Group, iByer Dental Group, TC Medical, ChengDu Huamei Dental Chain Co. Ltd. and Straumann.

These are some of the top companies in the Chinese dental market.

Meanwhile, the “Global Oral Health Care Market Growth 2019-2024” report  says the global market has been progressing at a faster pace.

Worldwide, the key players are P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Unilever, Church & Dwight, GSK, Henkel, Darlie (Hawley & Hazel), Yunnanbaiyao, Lion, LG Household & Health Care, Dencare, Sunstar, Sanofi (Chattem), Amway, KAO, Rowpar, Sanjin Group, Twin Lotus Group, Triumph (SmartMouth), Guangzhou Veimeizi Co., Dr. Harold Katz, LLC, Whealthfields, G.R. Lane Health (Sarakan), Shanghai Whitecat Group, Masson Group and Harbin Quankang.

These are the dominant figures in the oral health care market in the  Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil); Asia and the Pacific (China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia); Europe (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Spain); and the Middle East and Africa (Egypt, South Africa, Israel and Turkey)./WDJ


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