Grenade throwing at the LTO

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October 10, 2017
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The recent incident surrounding a grenade that was thrown at the Land Transportation Office (LTO) in Iloilo City is a signal that too many (or maybe a few) are disgruntled with the good deeds made by the regional director.

With President Rodrigo Duterte implementing order on the roads, motorists are feeling the pain. There are too many violators and now is the time they have to obey the laws.
Many trucks, motorcycles, and luxury cars are not registered with the LTO. When the drivers of these vehicles are apprehended, they get mad. Why? Were they too used to the soft treatment of past administrations? If this were the time of PNoy, or if Mar became president, apprehend a big name and that agency official would be fired.
The grenades thrown by these nincompoops were directed at good men.
The regional director is following marching orders.
Could it have been the work of disgruntled LTO workers who see the “good old days” coming to an end? The “good old days” refers to the times when abusive people in business and government became “untouchables” – those days must come to an end. Perhaps the assailants were employees whose misbehavior and misdeeds have come to light and are now subject to disciplinary action?
These are the only reason a good leader’s life would be threatened.
The reason why many elected officials are against the current administration is because they are no longer able to enjoy power and wealth. For them, this will be a miserable six years seeing corruption minimized and powerful politicians paying for their past misdeeds.
As the song goes, “Those were the days my friend/We thought they’d never end/And now it is goodbye.
To the grenade thrower, face the man you wish to strike and tell him your problems. A grenade is not the solution because karma will be on its way to the aggressor. If you were hired, tell God who hired you. We pray for you. Amen.

It was previously reported nearly 100 sugarcane trucks were apprehended by the LTO-Region VI (LTO-6) along Circumferential Airport in Bacolod City.
The drivers revealed they had parked for three to five days while waiting for their turn at the sugar mill. They pointed out, it was sugar mill officials who advised them to park along the highway.
That is illegal.
Truck owners were subject to fines in the thousands, can you blame the LTO for doing its job?
What is a motorist died because the trucks are not equipped with early warning devises, which are required by law? Is if the LTO’s fault? Everyone must cooperate and adhere to the law of the land./WDJ

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