Governor: Appoint a new administrator instead of eliminating SRA

Posted by watchmen
September 14, 2017

By Paulo Loreto Lim

In light of the recent call by President Rodrigo Duterte to abolish the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA) over allegations of corruption, Negros Occidental Governor Alfredo Marañon, Jr. suggested, instead of getting rid of the agency, appoint a new administrator.
It was recently revealed, SRA administrator, Atty. Anna Rosario Paner, resigned from the post.
He called the president’s recent statements “drastic” and noted, “The sugar industry will lobby.”
United Sugar Producers Federation of the Philippines (Unifed) President Manuel Lamata called an emergency meeting, which took place yesterday, in response to Duterte’s announcement. He said the president should deal with officials he believes to be corrupt and not the entire SRA board.
It was previously reported, among the agencies labeled corrupt, one had hired consultants who were paid P200,000 a month. In response, General Alliance of Workers Association (GAWA) Secretary-General Wennie Sancho earlier explained SRA consultants are approved by the SRA board./WDJ

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